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Travelling to France during protests


As you’ve probably heard, there have been ongoing protests and strikes taking place around France about the pension reforms. We’re here to let you know what it’s like travelling to France during protests at the moment and whether it could affect your trip.

Yes, it is ok to travel to France!

Despite the ongoing protests and strikes, as locals, we can confidently say it is still totally safe for tourists to travel to France. While some demonstrations and strikes may disrupt public transport, the other days it is normal and the streets are calm. That said, it’s important to be aware of any protests or strikes that may be taking place during your visit to France. Keep an eye on local news outlets and travel advisories from your home country to stay informed about any potential disruptions. 

Currently, there has been no official government advice from the UK or USA to avoid travelling to France during protests. The advice that has been given is to stay away from demonstrations and to follow the advice of local authorities.

The news coverage on the topic only shows the worst of the situation, and keep in mind that what has been shown happened in specific places on the day of the protests and it isn’t representative of what’s happening across other places around Paris and Bordeaux – so don’t be discouraged!

Public transport disruptions

Due to strikes, you may expect some public transport disruptions during your trip, however this is usually only on specific days, the other days everything runs normally. If there are impacts on transport (notably train) you can check on the SNCF website (you can switch the website language to English) which typically notifies if there will be any disruptions a week in advance, so you’ll have time to organise your travels ahead of time. For flights you can check Air France’s website for any flight changes.

Our tours

You’ll be glad to know that our tours are running as normal despite the strikes and protests, we’re ready to provide you with an enjoyable experience as usual!

We hope that this reassures you and we hope to welcome you soon in Bordeaux!

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