June 2024

World Environment Day, celebrated every year on June 5th, is a global event dedicated to raising awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Established in 1973 by the United Nations, it has grown into a significant platform where individuals, communities, organizations, and governments come together to discuss and promote environmental sustainability. The day highlights critical issues such as ocean pollution, overpopulation, global warming, and biodiversity conservation. Bordeaux with Elodie places a strong emphasis on environmental challenges. In this article, you'll discover what World Environment Day is and discover a vegan wine alternative. How Did It Start and Why Is It Important? The origins of World Environment Day trace

It would be natural to assume that all wines are vegan because they’re produced from grapes. Don’t be so certain. In this article, you’ll be discovering why all wines aren’t vegan.  Before bottling, they’re pressed into juice; that juice also contains seeds, yeast and skins from the fruit that can work their way into the wine bottle and lead to sediments, making the wine appear hazy. Since most wine enthusiasts like their glasses clear of any sediments, the winemaker has to “clarify” the wine.  What Happens During Fining ? Winemakers use fining agents; the fining agent acts like a magnet, it  attracts the sediments left in the juice after the final