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After Elodie cordially and efficiently arranged our tour, Laura greeted us and immediately felt like part of the family. On the drive to Saint-Émilion, she provided an interesting and informative introduction to the city of Bordeaux, the region and the wine in exemplary English.

The 2 vineyards that we visited demonstrated different approaches to winemaking and the tasting at the wine shop provided the opportunity to sample a range of wines. We appreciated the care involved with the choices. We enjoyed the experiences so much that we fell well behind schedule. Nonetheless, Laura made a quick stop to pick up some cookies that we enjoyed at our first stop.

I highly recommend the tour for the quality of the experiences with wine, people and diversity. It was the highlight of our trip to Bordeaux!

-- Tom, USA


My wife and I visited Bordeaux to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary; and, after careful research, I emailed Elodie inquiring about a full day in Medoc. After a few very pleasant exchanges, we set an agenda which included two 4th growths and one smaller producer. I did challenge the selection of Chateau Hourtin Ducasse, but Elodie assured me that we would very much enjoy the experience. She was correct!!! Michel Marengo, the owner, was a terrific host! Very engaging, and his juice and gin is delicious. Our visits to Talbot and Prieure Lichine were wonderful as well, and our lunch at Le Saint Julien was very tasty. Lastly, our host, Emilie, was wonderful! You could tell that she really cared about making sure that we had a great time! She is very nice, and I highly recommend her as your guide. She is very knowledgeable. C’est magnifique!

-- David, USA


Laetitia was the guide for my wife and I and she was absolutely wonderful! She was extremely knowledgeable about the region, the wineries, and the wines! We did two day tours with her, and each morning on the drive out she would brief us on what we were going to see and details about the region and wineries we would visit so we had a good basis when touring with the guides at each winery. She also was our personal photographer so we could enjoy the experience without distraction. I can't recommend her high enough! And Elodie and her company in general. If you're looking for a great personal or small tour in Bordeaux, this is the place for you!

-- Paton, USA


Our tour with Elodie was one of the best experiences we have ever had. Her knowledge of the area, the vineyards, and the wines was exceptional. If you want to spend a day immersed in the wine culture with a delightful guide, take this tour!

-- Pat, USA


Only a day after our engagement, we could not have asked for a better way to celebrate. 

Saint-Emillion was gorgeous, wine tasting experience brilliant and the host Lea was fantastic.

Certainly a good way to introduce yourself to the region of Bordeaux via Elodie Tours. Just make sure to pack some extra money for the wine you want to buy, never enough. Sure to cellar these bottles and enjoy over the coming years and remember the memory.

--Paul, Australian

Fabulous three days with Emilie!


Elodie not only listened to our wishes for our time in the Bordeaux region, but she also delivered excellence! I cannot tell you how much that means to us when booking a tour. We spent three fabulous days with the incomparable Emilie, and she made our experience one to remember. She was not only a fabulous, cheerful, energetic and kind host, but she was also extremely knowledgeable about the wines and areas we visited: Medoc, Graves/Sauternes, and St. Emilion/Pomerol. Elodie provided a fabulous itinerary in advance of our trip filled with the history of the region and wineries we visited (that's a first for us). This helped us become familiar with our locales before we even arrived. Our days were spent being treated as VIPs from start to finish, and the lunches arranged were world-class experiences in both the settings and quality of food. From beginning to end, we were extremely happy and were also a bit sad to say goodbye to Emilie. If you are looking to book a tour in the Bordeaux region, look no farther. Bordeaux with Elodie should be your first and last stop on Trip Advisor. There is none better. We will return someday soon we hope, and we will book with Elodie again.

-- Patty, USA

Great day with Laetitia


From the original booking many months before I felt very confident in dealing with Elodie and using her company. The itinerary was set as a full day in Medoc with originally 9 of us but unfortunately 1 person dropped out. This was no problem for Elodie who adjusted the booking and confirmed everything was in place.

8 of us were picked up at 09.30 as promised and greeted by Laetitia (instant connection with Hitchin).

We left Bordeaux and headed to the chateaux's for tours and tastings, with a great lunch in between.

Our favourite was Paloumey, a smaller winery but very personal and some fantastic wines.

It was good to see the larger chateaux's with there glorious grounds. At each the staff were great and the tours informative and fun sampling delicious wines.

Thanks again go to Elodie and especially to Laetitia who had the measure of us and provided us with a great day. Next time Saint Emillion!!!

-- Philip, USA

An incredible four days


My wife and I spent 4 days touring the Bordeaux wine region with Laetitia. We have previously toured wine regions in Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, and the US. However, this Bordeaux tour was special, and Laetitia was instrumental in making it so. We now have a much better appreciation of the impact of terroir, thanks to her. She is very knowledgeable on the history of Bordeaux wines and the various classifications, and we used the four lunches we had together to learn as much as we could. The four days included one day on the right bank (primarily St. Emilion), one day on the left bank (Medoc), one day in Graves (primarily whites) and Sauternes (sweet white), and one day visiting smaller wineries Off The Beaten Path. Although not a fan of California merlots, we both thoroughly enjoyed the merlot blends in St. Emilion. We learned that sweet wines, like Sauternes, are often better paired with a spicy meal than a sweet dessert. Highlights were the barrel tasting in Chateau Palmer, the tour of Chateau Biac where the owner and his wife spent two hours showing us their winery, and the wine tasting hosted by Chateau Guadet at a local wine store in St. Emilion. The only disappointment was the tour of Chateau Margaux where the guide was clearly not engaged. After our four days of wine touring, the next day we were in the middle of a historical tour of St. Emilion with another local guide. When she asked what we had done previously, I mentioned our Bordeaux with Elodie tours. Her response was telling: "Elodie is a legend among all guides in this region". I cannot imagine a better choice for a private wine tour than Bordeaux with Elodie.

-- James, USA

Awesome tours- A day in Médoc and a day in Saint Emilion and Pomerol


We did a one-day tour of the Medoc and a second day in Saint Emilion and Pomerol. We felt like VIPs at every stop. Our guide, Léa was fun, knowledgeable and very kind. We were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and she created an excuse for leaving us at lunch while she got some champagne and macarons (from local shop in Saint Emilion with original recipe dating back to 1620) for a toast on the hilltop overlooking Saint Emilion. We had a wonderful lunch in St. Julien. The vineyard tours were great. We learned a lot, enjoyed the tastings and met very nice people who provided personal insight into their methods for winemaking. Elodie has a good rapport with many well-respected winemakers. She was also very helpful prior to our visit and recommended several restaurants. We highly recommend Bordeaux by Elodie.

-- Glenn, USA

A Wonderful day in Médoc with Laetitia!


We just had a fabulous day touring Medoc with Laetitia! She was incredibly kind and funny (she helped us with some hilarious texting in French to a friend in the US), and she gave us great advice on the wines, plus what else we should do in the city. The three wine tasting stops were beautiful and delicious. Lunch was really tasty. Overall, an awesome day! Book with Elodie and Laetitia!!

-- Callie, Italia

One day is not enough


We booked with Elodie at the last moment and were very fortunate to do so. We thought we had booked a three day tour with another company, but there was a glitch. Elodie had a last minute opening and we could not have been more satisfied. We had even requested a tour of a small chateau in the Margaux district and Elodie made the arrangements. Laura, our tour guide, was extremely knowledgeable and answered every question. On day one, we went to the Medoc region, the second day was to the Graves and Sauterne area and the third day was St. Emilion. Every day and every vineyard was unique and educational.....and, the wine tastings were not bad. Thanks Laura for a memorable tour.

-- Robert, USA


My wife and I and our two grown up children and their partners have just returned home from a hugely enjoyable trip to Bordeaux. We booked a wine tour of the Right Bank for all six of us, then a half day food tour and then another full day wine tour of the Left Bank for 3 of us. Our tours were led by Emilie, who was a really lovely lady, who certainly played a big part in our very enjoyable experience. We visited a total of 5 chateaus over the 2 days, all were varied and very interesting. The food tour was a walking tour of the city centre visiting cheese, chocolate and the local speciality “Canales”. If you want a great tour of the wine areas of Bordeaux , use Elodie’s company, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Elodie and Emilie for a truly memorable and wonderful experience!

-- Mike, UK


Laura had been an amazing guide for our private tour in the Medoc region. She was very friendly and bubble, but also very knowledgeable about wines and the region. We had a wonderful time during our full-day tour of the region. Highly recommended for a special and personalised tour.


Two couples spent a full day touring the St. Emilion region with Laetitia, who was friendly and knowledgeable about the area and the wines. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we had a wonderful time. We visited a larger, modern winery and a smaller, family-run winery. We especially enjoyed the tour of the wine cellar under St. Emilion with Bruno.
We learned a lot about wine and were well taken care of from start to finish. Thank you Laetitia and Elodie.

-- Hugh, USA


"The best in Bordeaux." That is how Elodie was described to me by one of her fellow guides while I shopped around, and this proved to be absolutely true. I have done wine tours all over France and Italy, from the Northern Rhone to Bourgogne, from Tuscany to Barolo.. and hands down, Elodie was my favorite guide based on knowledge, energy, and personality. 
Elodie made a perfectly customized tour for me. She put together two days worth of visits to all organic/biodynamic vineyards, a layer of the industry which for me, is very important. 
She mixed it up between large and small producers, but each that she chose was magical in its own way. Elodie is clearly cherished by the producers, they seem to work extra hard to make the experience special for her clients, which is a testament to Elodie's importance in the wine community in Bordeaux. If you've ever been on a wine tour, you know that your guide's relationship with the vineyard is everything when it comes to making the experience magical. 
When I take a wine tour, the most important thing for me is leaving with an education. As much as I want to like my guide, I'm not usually on a wine tour to find a new friend, I care most about how they deliver information in a clear and digestible way, while keeping me engaged through a long day. But it's impossible not to adore Elodie. She was born in the region, it's in her blood. But she's not just a local... she is world traveled, witty, warm, and loves what she does! Spending two full days with her was like going on a road trip with a long lost friend. A friend who happens to know everything about Bordeaux wine production. 
One last anecdote. Six months after my trip with Elodie, one of the amazing producers we visited in Bordeaux was doing a private tasting in an intimate setting in my home city. I learned about the event too late, and the guest list for the evening was already over capacity. I was dying to get in to the event and to pick up a few bottles, which were at the time, not available outside of Bordeaux. With a quick email to Elodie, she was on the phone, after hours, reaching out to her connections at the vineyard, and with the host who was stateside. Not only did I end up getting a seat at the table, but I was treated almost as the guest of honor. The one person in the room who had actually been on the grounds of the amazing vineyard back in Bordeaux. But most importantly, I was friend of Elodie. This is the kind of professional and person Elodie is. The absolute best!

-- Rosey, USA

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