What is the ideal pairing for Sauternes wines?

In Bordeaux, this liquid gold has traditionally been enjoyed as an aperitif in place of Champagne. Alternatively, it has been oft presented alongside Foie Gras.

However, it can easily be paired with other foods: blue cheeses, warm roasted chicken, gamey meats – veal, rabbit, duck – and buttery vegetables. These salty, buttery foods will balance out the sweetness of the wine with traditional French style.

Now, if you want to try something more experimental, explore Thai or Chinese foods, whose spices will match the undertone spices of the wine: the complexity of flavors and aromas combine and delight. The floral intensity works well with the spicy flavors; trust us, it’s worth a try!

Finally, in Bordeaux, Sauternes is not paired with sweet food; however, in some places, they love to! The key to pairing Sauternes with food is contrast and balance, so a very rich, sweet wine should be paired with a lighter dessert – such as pavlova, bitter chocolate, cheesecake, or even the Bordeaux traditional canelé – and should remain the star of the show!

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