December 2021


Bordeaux- Chateau Paloumey, Le Saint Julien & Chateau Mouton Rothschild & by NYC Tastes In order to get the full Bordeaux experience, we booked a two day wine tour through Bordeaux with Elodie. Our fantastic guide Lea picked us up at our place each morning then drove us to various wineries beginning with Chateau Paloumey on the Left Bank. This small winery has had a long history in the Medoc region however it wasn’t all wonderful.  Back in the 1950’s the original owners abandoned the vineyard due to rising costs and it wasn’t until 1990 when it was purchased by the Cazeneuve family that it became a fully functioning winery once again.

As you know, we offer lunch at a gastronomic or a gourmet restaurant close to the vineyard of your choice… but did you know you could also go for a picnic?At this time of the year, the weather is perfect in Bordeaux! Warm (but not too much) and sunny! What better option than to take this chance to enjoy this weather in some beautiful French vineyards? Don't worry; it's not just a simple sandwich… no, it's much fancier than that! We'll have the classic picnic stuff, fresh cheeses, duck foie gras, rillettes, smoked duck breast, sardines, organic chips, tapenades etc., all locally produced, of course! The estate wine is