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La Goulée 2018

One of the most renowned vineyards in Saint-Estèphe, Cos d’Estournel was honored in 1855 with the title of Second Grand Cru Classé. The estate’s team is committed to preserving the tradition of hand labor. Today, they produce five wines, and since 2004, the team at Cos d’Estournel has also been working at the Goulée vineyard located in northern Médoc to produce this wine.

The Goulée vineyard, located in Port de Goulée in northern Médoc, sprawls across a hill of gravel and benefits from a deep gravel terroir. This terroir, comparable to the finest Grand Crus, is treated in the same manner as the estate’s grand wine. The two main grape varieties cultivated here are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which thrive exceptionally well due to a temperate climate. This climatic uniqueness undeniably echoes the style of wines from the New World.

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