Enter the wine collection

A few years ago, we created the BWE Wine Collection : a concept where you can get delivered the best of Bordeaux wine….From the most famous to unknown gems, carefully curated just for you.

In the wine business for the last 10 years, Jeremy has always kept a close connection with BWE. It’s in 2019 that he enters the team and naturally hopped on the wine collection project ! Trained as a sommelier with past experience in trade and guiding ; he will make sure you receive the best of Bordeaux.

How does it work ?


Customize your shipment : let us know if you want to include a specific reference, vintage, dry or sweet white

Select from our pre-made cases full of ready to drink top Bordeaux wines in 6, 12 or 24.

Benefit from our BWE’s expert consulting : How to choose a wine ? When to drink ? How to prepare ?

The collection