A day in Dordogne

Dordogne valley
Dordogne valley

Explore Perigord

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Visit medieval villages

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Dordogne medieval town
Dordogne medieval town

Dordogne private day tour from Bordeaux

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Dordogne valley
Dordogne valley

Explore Perigord

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Private Day Tour

A day in Dordogne

Starting at 850€ for the party

  • Full day

  • Private tour

  • Private transportation

  • English-speaking local guide with food and wine expertise


Download the itinerary Full Day in Dordogne

Bordeaux / Dordogne / Bordeaux (260 miles/ 5h total transfer)

8.30AM             BORDEAUX

Pick up at your hotel in Bordeaux (or other location in Bordeaux).


Arrive in Montignac and visit the Grottes de Lascaux.


Lascaux Cave is a Palaeolithic cave situated in southwestern France, near the village of Montignac in the Dordogne region, which houses some of the most famous examples of prehistoric cave paintings. Close to 600 paintings – mostly of animals - dot the interior walls of the cave in impressive compositions. Horses are the most numerous, but deer, aurochs, ibex, bison, and even some felines can also be found. Besides these paintings, which represent most of the major images, there are also around 1400 engravings of a similar order. The art, dated to c. 17,000 – c. 15,000 BCE, falls within the Upper Palaeolithic period and was created by the clearly skilled hands of humans living in the area at that time. The region seems to be a hotspot; many beautifully decorated caves have been discovered there. The exact meaning of the paintings at Lascaux or any of the other sites is still subject to discussion, but the prevailing view attaches a ritualistic or even spiritual component to them, hinting at the sophistication of their creators. Lascaux was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1979, along with other prehistoric sites in its proximity.

Today, discover the brand-new Lascaux IV, triumph of technology.

After Lascaux II (famous facsimile of the original cave of Lascaux) and Lascaux III (The Lascaux international exhibition), now: Lascaux IV, or Centre International d’Art Pariétal

The construction of the facsimile began in October 2014 with the collaboration of the specialized Périgord-based team of Atelier des Fac-Similés du Périgord.

This International Centre for Cave Art (Lascaux IV) opened in December 2016 at the foot of the Lascaux hill.

The site includes a facsimile of the entire cave - as well as the discovery of cave art from around the world and the Cro-Magnon civilization - through virtual reality technology.

The latest in image and virtual technology is used to enhance this cultural experience.




11AM                VISIT THE TOWN OF SARLAT

Follow a guided tour of the medieval town of Sarlat.

Sarlat is in the region of Perigord Noir, a few hours east of Bordeaux City.

Sarlat is a beautiful, well restored town a few kilometers north of the River Dordogne. The old town, dating from both medieval and renaissance times is a pleasure to visit: discover its picturesque tangle of honey-colored buildings, alleyways and secret squares...


We can also organize a tour on a "Gabarre" on the Dordogne river...

Take a cruise along the river aboard a gabarre, safe and modern replica of the flat-bottomed crafts used in the past centuries.
Discover the local history and customs which have shaped the cultural identity of our river, its valley and its inhabitants.


1PM                   LUNCH

Lunch and free time in the medieval town of Sarlat.


Afternoon          DORDOGNE VALLEY​

In the afternoon, stop at La Roque Gageac and Beynac and enjoy the best panoramic views of the Dordogne Valley.

6.30/7PM           BORDEAUX

Arrive at your hotel in Bordeaux.

In the winter, visit a Black Truffle farm and understand the secret of this "black diamond".

More information here.

Organization / Price 


  • Booking/organization,  

  • private  transportation,

  • your local English speaking guide/driver.

Not included: Activities, visits, lunch, any  personal  expenses,  airfares,  accommodation.

Generally,  everything  not  listed  in  the  program.


895€ (1 to 3 guests)

935€ (4 to 5 guests)

975€ (6 to 8 guests)



Please note that there might be an extra charge if departure and arrival

are not in Bordeaux City Center.

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