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January 05, 2016

“The best of Bordeaux - Thank you !”

A day in Médoc


My wife and I, being avid wine lovers decided to travel to Bordeaux this October. And since the place is so massive, we did our research and decided on getting a tour guide - Bordeaux with Elodie ! And man, was it the best decision ever.

Right from the time I picked up the phone and called Elodie from London, till the day we left Bordeaux, there was amazing service from Elodie and her team. Our guide Laura was phenomenal ! Not only was she well versed with the region and all the specifics of the various wines, she was also really helpful with other things like choosing and booking us restaurants for dinner as well as casually mentioning other Bordeaux specialties apart from Wines ! She even bought us a box of St Emilion macarons to taste ! :)

I would highly recommend - its definitely worth the price, you cannot put a price on the painless hassle-less experience of Bordeaux that you get with Elodie and her team.


- Amar, UK

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