We will win this battle & we will enjoy a bottle of Bordeaux together soon x

Because there’s light at the end of the tunnel
Because we are in for a 15 day minimum lockdown
Because I am going to have more time to think than I’ve had for the last 6 years, creating and running #bordeauxwithelodie , the company I’ve always dreamed of having, leading tours in my native region of Bordeaux that I love so much, managing the best team of wine guides I could ever dream of @lowa33 @emib_fe @flowersduet @marinacoon @jeremy @louise_bertet , meeting the most amazing travelers and wine lovers from all over the globe,
but also raising my 3 babies (8, 4, 1 ½)
Because I know many of you are disappointed not to be able to come and visit Bordeaux right now (and we miss you guys, believe me!)
Because there’s hope and we need to be positive
Because I am convinced that even if these crazy times are very challenging and hard to accept, we are going to learn from it all and become better persons
Because I love wine and everything about Bordeaux and I love sharing with my fellow #winelovers
I will share everyday on IG & FB shots i love, taken by one of the dream team members or myself… shots from our private wine tours in Saint Emilion, Médoc etc (like this photo taken at the unique and amazing château #Latour in #Pauillac) , (shots of Bordeaux, Arcachon… and of course the wines we’ll be enjoying during this #quarantaine because #lifeistooshortforbadwine Right?

Much love
Stay healthy & strong


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